We offer products from around our neighborhood and from around the world. Although we try to keep our product as close to the White Mountains as possible there are somethings we just can’t grow in the North Country. Be assured that our warm weather fruits are of the highest quality. All products are handpicked by our family so your family gets the quality and freshness they deserve. We only offer fresh product that meets our expectation of quality. Here is a variety of products that we offer:
A full line of vegetables and fruits from sweet delicious North Western cherries and Georgia peaches to Maine tomatoes, Local lettuce and everything in-between. We also offer a variety of dairy products including local milk and cheese; Meats from Vermont and an array of local and national grocery products for your convenience. Furthermore, all of our delicious fruit and veggie platters and bowls are cut fresh in our shop by the smiley team. Freshness is our commitment to you!

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70 Lost River Rd, Woodstock, NH 03262
(603) 960-1977